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Early Years Homebook

Increase Engagement Between Parents, Carers and Practioners

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Invite Relatives, Carers & Parents

Invite parents, carers and relatives of your children to have access to their online Homebook, available on mobile and web. Privately exchange updates with relatives by posting notes, images or video.

Posts have 3 levels of privacy. Firstly, a post can be shared privately with a child's Homebook. This means only the child's relatives and Key People within your Setting can see the post. Secondly, posts can be shared with practitioners only, like an internal email. Finally, practitioners can post updates to all relatives and practitioners in your setting, we call this a ‘community’ post.

Sending an invitation to a parent is easy and secure, you just to enter their name and email address. Practitioners remain in control of the Homebook by being able to remove any posts and accounts of relatives.

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