New to Teachermate is the live chat feature, making it easier than ever for parents and relatives to communicate quickly and effectively . Just launched on mobile and via the Teachermate website.

Chats with relatives via the Teachermate app

Message the parents of a child

Nurseries and childminders can use the chat feature to get in touch with children’s parents. Instead of going through the hassle of emailing a parent or trying to talk to them at pick up or drop off which is often a hectic time, parents can be easily contactable for simple questions.

Bulk messages to parents and relatives

The bulk message feature allows messages to be sent to a large group of people quickly and easily. These types of messages might need to get out to parents and relatives quickly, for example to alert them of a cancelled trip. Bulk messages can also be started as a group chat, allowing parents and relatives to reply with any questions or concerns they might have.

Select a cohort or class of children to send a bulk message to their relatives.

A parent can message the childminder or school

If parents or relatives need to get in touch with the childminder or school then they can use the chat feature to send a quick message. This means that they can send messages there and then and don’t need to worry to remember to talk to a member of staff at pick up or drop off. It also means that they can get in contact with the childminder or nursery easily outside working hours. 

Parents can message each other 

Getting in contact with other parents can often be tricky, you might drop off or pick up your children at different times and getting a hold of their contact details can be difficult. With the Teachermate live chat feature, parents can now be contactable easily!

Staff within a nursery can message each other 

The Teachermate live chat feature provides a place for staff in your setting to message each other. This allows your members of staff to keep their work life separate from their private life and therefore more organised!

Available across mobile and web

Teachermate chat is available to use via the Teachermate website or via our Android and iOS apps.

Organise chats via the Teachermate website

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