Technology has become an important part of everyone’s lives. There are many EYFS apps on the market but some are more useful and educational than others. To save you time we have researched the top most useful early years apps so you don’t need to.

1. HOMER Reading: Learn To Read

Ages 2-8 

If you are looking to find an app that will help your child with their reading, HOMER is a great app.

The main purpose of HOMER is that it allows you to highly personalise your child’s reading programme. Firstly you can choose their interests from a wide list for example dinosaurs or fairy tales. Then you can add in what reading stage your child is by answering questions such as ‘can your child recognise the letters in his or her name?’

This high level of personalisation means your child gets a reading programme that is completely tailored to their needs and interests, encouraging them to keep engaged and further their knowledge.

2. Aliens & Numbers – Educational Mathematics Game

Ages 2+

Aliens & Numbers is a great game if you are looking to improve your child’s maths skills. Children can learn numbers 1-10, counting, number sequences and basic maths by playing the alien games.

This game is educational but importantly by using the alien characters it still remains a fun game that children will be keen to keep playing. There are many different levels and children can build up their confidence by starting with ‘easier’ levels for example drawing the numbers and build up to more challenging levels such as counting the number of aliens.

3. Endless Numbers

Endless numbers is a fantastic interactive game that encourages children to learn numbers, simple equations, numerical patterns and sequences by using cute monster characters. There are very short animation stories in-between levels which keeps children entertained and engaged whilst still involving numbers therefore remaining educational. 

The fun monster characters and high interactivity   help disguise the educational side of the game. Therefore making it perfect for children who may be reluctant to play boring educational games. 

4. ABC Animal Toddler Adventures

Ages 0-5 

ABC Animal Toddler Adventures is perfect for children who love animals! There are a variety of games ranging from jigsaw puzzles, spot the difference and counting numbers as well as much more.  All games helps improve your child’s cognitive skills, concentration and memory.

There is a big focus on educational games such as spelling but also the app offers a few games that animal lovers would enjoy such as pet ‘doctor’. This is a great option for when children need a break from educational games but still need something age appropriate. This game also offers a reward system in which your child will be given a sticker on the app for correctly playing the games, which is a great incentive for them to keep trying. 

5. Playtime Island From CBeebies

Ages 0-5

This game offers a range of activities based off CBeebies characters your child probably already watches on TV! Playtime Island involves famous CBeebies characters such Dog Waffle and the Teletubbies, helping to get and keep your children engaged.

Importantly it has has a good mix of being fun but still remaining educational with puzzle solving games and questions. This is a great game if you are looking for something age appropriate, fun and fairly educational but do not need it to be specifically focused on something such as maths

6. KidloLand Kids Toddler Games

Ages 2-8

This game is great for kids who love nursery rhymes and songs. There are multiple songs that can help your children learn basic numbers and letters and much more. There is also the option to just listen to traditional nursery rhymes such as ‘Old MacDonald Had A Farm’

This app also offers different activities for different age groups. However you can remain confident your child is playing the activities appropriate for their age as to change any settings an adult needs to answer a maths question.

7. Barnyard Games For Kids

Age 18 Months +

Barnyard Games for kids is brilliant for kids who may love animals and more specifically farm animals. This app includes 20 fun and educational games. These games are more based on problem solving, for example puzzle solving instead of being specifically focussed on maths or english. The use of bright colours and farm animals 

8. Kiddopia – ABC Toddler Games

Ages 0-5

This app has a wide range of educational games and normal but age appropriate games such as dot-the-dot and colouring too. Due to the variety in this app, it is a great all-rounder in which you can be confident that any child can find something they are interested in. Memory games and jigsaw puzzles and much more help your child learn essential early years curriculum.

9. Toddler Games For Kids

Ages 2+

If your child needs to improve their number skills then this app is perfect for them. Toddler Games For Kids includes  a range of educational and age appropriate games that will help your child learn essential early years numbers.

There are 5 different sections and children can start on the first section (which includes numbers 1-3) and build up their confidence and skills to the last section (which includes numbers 1-12).

10. Toddler Puzzle Games For Kids

Ages 2-5

If you have a child who loves puzzles this app if perfect for them! Puzzles are difficult to carry around physically so this app is perfect if your family is on the go and you want your child to be creative whilst maintaining an educational element.

There are lots of different packs to choose from, some examples are animals and fairy tales as well as many more. This means that there is something every child will be interested in.

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