Modern technology is great, it provides quicker ways to do things such as get in contact with parents. However, having several different apps for different things can be confusing and may actually lead to you spending more time on admin. That’s why having something like Teachermate is great as it replaces all of those apps in one.

1) Whatsapp 

Instant messaging with relatives and staff

Many childminders and nurseries use Whatsapp for messaging, but conversations with parents may get lost in the noise therefore making it difficult to keep track of what has been sent to who.

Teachermate has instant messaging in which you can keep all of your conversations with parents and relatives in one place.

Parents can also get in contact with other parents easily, this help build a community and stops common issues for parents such as forgetting to ask another parents for number or even losing it once it’s been written down.

Child minders and nurseries can also use chat to message their own staff.

There’s a number of options available to customise chat for your childminder and nursery, such as:

  • Allocating particular staff members to be allocated incoming messages by parents
  • Controlling staff privacy and visibility with parents.
  • Access chat on web, iOS and Android with full support for sending attachments.
  • Message multiple parents of a child or cohort of children at once, either in a group chat or separately. 

2) Email

For sending information and attachments to parents 

The Teachermate messaging system allows you to send information to parents and add attachments. You can easily send a message to a group of parents by selecting a specific group or cohort. You can also add attachments, for example a document detailing an upcoming trip!

Parents will immediately receive a push notification. A follow up email is automatically send if a message isn’t read.

If you need to send out an announcement to a group of parents this is a great way to do so, for example, letting parents know a trip has been cancelled or a new Policy is in place.

You can also use this feature to message staff in your setting, for example, you can quickly send a copy of next month’s rota to everyone.

3) Google photos

For capturing an unlimited number of photos 

Teachermate allows you to capture an unlimited amount of photos and videos to securely share in a child’s Homebook with parents.

Teachermate uses military grade encryption and offers you the option to set up a PIN to your app.


Additionally photos can only ever be shared between staff or parents in your setting. Parents may have the option to export the photos and videos of their children.

4) Contacts

Storing parent and staff contact information for phone calls and messages in one place. 

Having lots of children in your setting means a lot of parent information! If you need to get in contact with a parent it can be difficult going through contacts trying to find their information, just search for the parent and their details will be shown. 

This feature is also great if you are unsure of a parents name you can quickly search for a child and their relatives will show in their profile, click on the relative and you have access to their contact information.  



You can also have staff information quickly available. If a member of your staff is unwell and can’t make it for their shift, you can quickly find the information for another member of staff to ask if they are available. 

5) Microsoft Excel

Child progress and reporting is managed and tracked in the cloud.

Microsoft Excel is a way to track a child’s progress and to formulate reports but inputting the data and formulas can be time consuming. With Teachermate, the report layouts have already been done for you, all you need to do is input your data and progress is automatically calculated)

Observations are also a great way of tracking a child’s progress and these can be made offline on the Teachermate app. Capture moments, save them and then upload then when you have a wifi connection. Make it easy to capture events like trips out of your setting as you are not dependent on an internet connection.

Overall using an app like Teachermate means you can do all of the above functions in one place! Making it easier for you to do paperwork and so you have more time to focus on the children in your setting. 

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