Child attendance tracking for your early years setting

Tracking the hours you have children in your setting is the cornerstone of occupancy planning, ratios and billing. Teachermate now allows you to quickly and easily track attendance for your children, report on the historical attendance and export to PDF and Excel for billing or invoicing.

Easily check in & out children

Whether you are using our iPhone, Android or website you can easily check in children or mark them as absent with only a single click.

You can easily select the reason for absences, such as not being scheduled for the day or illness.

Auto check out

You can set a time to automatically check out your children who are still checked in at the end of the day. If you have a regular home time such as 6:30pm, then this is a great way of saving you some time.

View and manage a child's historical attendance

A child´s attendance report displays a daily breakdown of the time spent in your setting. You can select any date range for the report.

A child’s historical attendance can be exported to PDF or Excel which is great for working with 

View a weekly report for a class of children

View a weekly report for a class or cohort of children to get a glance of total hours of childcare in your setting.

Easily add or modify the attendance logs, export to PDF or Excel to share with parents or use for billing.

Get started with Teachermate's attendance today

Sign up for Teachermate for a two week no strings attached free trial or sign into your account to begin tracking attendance.

Our support team are on on hand via live chat or you can check our step by step tutorial on attendance tracking here.

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Saving you time so you can be a more efficient early years practitioner. 

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