Reporting by different cohorts is a key feature of any early years journal. Teachermate makes it easy to report on summative assessments, the thoroughness and progress of children in your early years setting.

Whether you’re a childminder or nursery, it’s an important part of your early years tracker app to report on the progress and thoroughness of children in your early years setting. Teachermate makes cohort tracking easy by providing cohort filters for each of its reports.

Available cohort filters

A wide range of filters are available to ensure you have quick and seamless access to the reports and early years tracking data you need.

  • Two year olds
  • English as an additional language (EAL)
  • Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)
  • Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)
  • Summer born children
  • By gender
  • By child group (classes)
  • By key person (member of staff)

Tip: Combine multiple cohort filters at the same time

Why track cohorts of children?

Reporting on the progress and thoroughness of children can reveal gaps and trends in your assessments. This can then help you determine the next steps of a child’s assessment and help inform staff and parents of progress.

Deborah Udakis, Her Majesty’s Inspector at OFSTED highlights the following key reasons for cohort tracking in one of her published presentations:

  • Highlights the learning needs of groups and individuals
  • Provides a powerful analysis tool
  • Identifies next steps
  • Informs planning
  • Valuable information for parents and increases trust
  • Targets teaching and learning
  • Supports good progress

Which reports use cohort filtering?

Cohort filtering and tracking is available with every tracker report on Teachermate. Additionally to our EYFS tracking reports, you can also filter observations, create instant messages and view attendance by different cohorts.

We have the following Early years tracking reports available which support cohort filtering:

  • Baseline reporting – View and update a child’s baseline.
  • Summative assessments – View, tweak or override a child’s assessment level.
  • Thoroughness of development matters statements – View how many assessments have been made for each development matters statements and aspects.
  • Thoroughness of EYFS aspects – View how many assessments have been made for an aspect within a particular age band.
  • Thoroughness of Characteristics of Effective Learning (CoEL) – View the number of assessments that have been made for each characteristic of effective learning.
  • Thoroughness of Leuven levels – View how many assessments have been made at each level for a child’s involvement or well being.
  • Attainment of EYFS – The attainment, measured in months, for children by each area of learning between each term.
  • Attainment of Leuven – The involvement and well being level achieved by a child for a term.
  • EYFS tracker progress – The change of each child’s attainment measured in months, measured between two selected terms.

Tip: You can export Teachermate EYFS tracker reports to PDF and Excel

An example of cohort filtering in Teachermate

It’s extraordinarily easy to apply cohort filters to your reports. Simple press ‘Add filter’ to apply a cohort filter to your report.

What’s next?

Our team is working on a number of exciting features including the ‘Daily Diary’ and ‘Accident and incident forms’. If you have any feedback or if you wish to get in touch please reach out to info@teachermate.co.uk

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