From August 2021 the new EYFS framework will be rolled out across the country. 

Since September 2020 this framework has been used by participating early adopters, hence it’s name “EYFS 2020”.

The aim of these updates is to make the ELG’s clearer and easier to understand.

A few aspects have been renamed and replaced. See below for a breakdown of how each EYFS area has changed:

Literacy A new aspect has been added called "Comprehension, Word Reading, and Writing"
Mathematics "Shape, Space and Measure" has been replaced with "Mathematical Patterns"
Understanding of the World "Technology" has been removed.
"The World" has split into "Past and Present" and "The Natural World"
Personal, Social and Emotional Development "Managing feelings and behaviour" has been replaced by "Self-Regulation"
"Making relationships" has been replaced by "Building Relationships"
"Self-confidence and self-awareness" has become "Managing Self"
Physical Development "Moving and handling" has become "Fine Motor Skills"
"Health and self-care" has become "Gross Motor Skills"
Communication and Language "Listening and attention" have been replaced with "Listening, Attention and Understanding"
Expressive Arts and Design "Exploring and using media and materials" has been renamed to "Creating with Materials"
"Being imaginative" has been renamed to "Being Imaginative and Expressive"

Development Matters Statements

Any changes to Development Matters has not yet been released. When they are, Teachermate will support them.

Migrating to the EYFS 2020 framework

You can turn on/off the new framework from your observation and assessment settings.

Turning on the 2020 EYFS updates will automatically update your existing EYFS assessment picker and reporting to include the updates to the framework.

You can turn off the new EYFS changes at any time.

Turn on the EYFS framework in your account settings
Toggle the new EYFS framework on/off from your account settings

Questions & Support

Please reach out to our team with any queries. We will be happy to support your transition to the new updates in the EYFS framework.

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