Sharing observations with parents
Sharing assessments and observations

Sharing Assessments With Relatives Teachermate gives you the flexibility to decide how much of an observation should be shared with parents and relatives of your children. You can decide what details to share on a per observation basis or you can setup defaults for your account. For each observation you can choose to share: Your written

Early Years Cohort Reporting

Reporting by different cohorts is a key feature of any early years journal. Teachermate makes it easy to report on summative assessments, the thoroughness and progress of children in your early years setting. Whether you're a childminder or nursery, it's an important part of your early years tracker app to report on the progress and

Attendance Tracking

Child attendance tracking is now available with Teachermate Tracking the hours you have children in your setting is the cornerstone of occupancy planning, ratios and billing. Teachermate now allows you to quickly and easily track attendance for your children, report on the historical attendance and export to PDF and Excel for billing or invoicing. Easily

Early years frameworks used in the UK

Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) is the framework set for learning and development for children from birth to the age of 5. It includes 7 different areas of learning which are broken up into different characteristics. With this framework, a child's’ progress is reviewed between the ages of 2-3

Cohort reporting

What is Cohort Reporting? Cohort reporting is the assessment tool that practitioners use in their setting to track the development of their children in accordance to all 7 characteristics of the EYFS framework. These assessments tools may be summative assessments or baseline assessments and may be completed every term or every 4 months.These assessments tools

Setting Early Years Next Steps

Setting and defining next steps Next steps is important for looking at how practitioners can support the children in their setting with aspects such a development. It is also important that practitioners have an understanding of next steps as it is so closely linked with observations and general planning of activities.  There is not one

Top 10 most useful early years (EYFS) apps

Technology has become an important part of everyone’s lives. There are many EYFS apps on the market but some are more useful and educational than others. To save you time we have researched the top most useful early years apps so you don’t need to. 1. HOMER Reading: Learn To Read Ages 2-8  If you

Introducing live chat for parents and relatives

New to Teachermate is the live chat feature, making it easier than ever for parents and relatives to communicate quickly and effectively . Just launched on mobile and via the Teachermate website. Chats with relatives via the Teachermate app Message the parents of a child Nurseries and childminders can use the chat feature to get

Saving you time so you can be a more efficient early years practitioner. 

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