Share observations

Share your observations with the parents and relatives of children via the Homebook. Receive likes and comments on your photos and videos.

Managers can choose to review observations made by other staff before they are shared with relatives and restrict how much information can be shared with relatives.

Important documents, such as PDF's, word documents and information packs can also be shared to relatives.


Plan next steps

Use a child's previous observations, about me profile and progress reports to create and plan their next steps.

Export next steps to PDF

Export a child's next steps report to PDF so you can print or share with parents

Automatically mark as completed

Next steps can be automatically marked as completed when you make assessments.

Build a child's next steps

Set a child's next steps when making observations, analysing your cohort reporting or set manually.


Starting points

Use a child's baseline, about me and progress checks to build a comprehensive view of a child's starting points.

Baseline & summative assessments

When a new child joins your setting, or returns after the holidays create a baseline or summative assessment to update their progress.

Progress checks

Create progress checks, such as the 2 years progress check. Automatically incorporate a child's attainment, add comments from parents and export to PDF.

About me

Build a rich view of a child's likes, allergies, family details interests and routines. Allow parents to collaborate when building a child's profile


Attendance Tracking

Teachermate now allows you to quickly and easily track attendance for your children, report on the historical attendance, and export to PDF and Excel for billing or invoicing.

Easy Check In & Out

Attendance tracking is supported via our website and mobile apps. Seamlessly tap to check in a child.

Attendance for classes of children

View a weekly report for a class or cohort of children to get a glance of total hours of childcare in your setting. Easily add or modify the attendance logs, export to PDF or Excel to share with parents, or use for billing.

Export attendance reports

Export a child's attendance report to PDF or Excel so you can easily share with parents or create invoices

Saving you time so you can be a more efficient early years practitioner. 

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