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Early Years Journal

Capture Observations and Make Assessments

iPhone Observations


Save money and help the environment by reducing the number of notebooks, photos printed and your time spent sticking it all together. Capture evidence using our mobile app, upload files via the website or use shared photos and videos shared by relatives from the Homebook.

Our mobile apps work offline, so you don’t need to worry about having a strong WiFi connection or cellular data charges.

All evidence is encrypted, backed up and securely stored in a London based data center.

Assessments can be made at the time of capturing evidence or you can visit the app or website to do it later.


Record assessments using a number of different frameworks, including Characteristics of Effective Learning, Development Matters, Leuven and P Scales. If you use another popular framework please get in touch.

Aside from creating assessments from observations you can add baseline and summative assessments along with the year 2 progress check.

The assessments that are created are used to generate a number of reports about the children in your Setting.

You can export and download your assessments to PDF if you would like to print and email copies.

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We use military grade encryption. For technical information can be found here.


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