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Early Years Journal Security

Data Security Comes First


Without exception, all data transmitted over SHA-256 with RSA Encryption and an Elliptic Curve Public Key algorithm.

More commonly, such practice is refered to as "Banking" or "Military" Grade security as the same practices and algorithms are deployed to secure private and sensitive data in those sectors.

We also use "Blowfish" algorithms, with salts, to protect extra sesnitive data within our database. Only you as the user can decrypt this data with your secret password, which is so secure that not even our technical software engineers can decrypt and read.

Data Protection

On top of the shiney tech and algorithms Teachermate has a strict Data Protection policy. For example, we never transmit, digitially or physically, unencryped customer data.

We strive to embed security rich features into the daily use of the product. For example, after 5 seconds of being placed in the background, our mobile app will automatically lock with your PIN or Touch ID fingerprint scan.

Your data, including evidence with unlimted storage, is backed up regularly as a safebuard to any data loss, such as result of hardware failure.

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We use military grade encryption. For technical information can be found here.


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